Its big and soft, and you lose things in it that you’ll never get back…

As usual we had the Fly FM Chart to kickstart our show. Did you miss it? Well never fear because you can listen to the chart in our podcast, so keep your eyes peeled for the link for you to download it on our Facebook page and of course on here!

We also had a chat with Pedro, our  ’Spanish Correspondent’  who was ‘live from Menorca’  and persuaded him to move to Portugal during our feature ‘Hotter than Menorca’  Pete mysteriously disappeared whilst I was having a chat with Pedro…I wonder where he went?

You’ve shown a lot of love for our new feature Testiculate, and this week’s prank on Tesco will not disappoint. Do you want to know what happened, or just want to relive the awkward moment of my call being passed to the Manager? Well I’m not telling you, you’ll have to listen to the podcast, but let’s just say there’s a clue in the title of this blog!

Until next week,


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