Well Hello There!

I can almost hear you laughing at the title of this blog. Well it’s not what you think it is you dirty-minded people, its our new feature! Every week we are going to ring up live on air a different Tesco store (we plan to ring as much of the country’s Tesco’s as possible) and I am going to describe an item using innuendos. It’s a bit like a rude version of articulate. Today, Tesco in Arnold was our victim. I’m not going to say what happened, i’m going to leave it to Bart and Lisa to do that.

It’s also Valentines Day, believe it or not, and  Pete  has slacked off from finding  from Chesney Hawks, this year i get absolutely nothing. thanks Linney, i am well and truly devestated. Not.

Are you wondering what i’m going on about? Didn’t get the chance to hear how Testiculate  or our other new feature Hotter than Majorca went, how another student radio station gatecrashed the show or who is now flying high in our chart? (yes the pun was intended) Well, as of tomorrow we will have our VERY FIRST PODCAST for you to download! It’s all rather exciting!

Keep an eye out for the link to download the podcast on here and facebook!

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