“Caught Out!”

So last Friday we tried to calm the show down and steer away from our usual crazy topics of discussion…
We started off the show nattering about a range of things from older men dying their hair to look ‘cool’…to trying to find an excuse of why you ‘need’ an IPAD!
However, the craziness did try to creep its way back after Billy found an unusual looking backscratcher in the studio…Let’s just say we definitely left it in the studio!
For everyone that tunes into the “Friday Feeling” with Billy and I, you will already be aware of his obsession with animal facts…you know when most people say “oh I can’t come out tonight” and make up an excuse…well I’m starting to think Billy’s excuse for not come out next time might be because he’s reading his wildlife book and catching up on the facts (he seems to know so many)…which range so wildly from dogs once ruling Normandy to his love for Gibbons!
But with a bit of help with the listeners on Friday, I managed to catch Billy out with his “excellent” knowledge of animals! Yes I hear you gasp in shock, after a text that said seals CAN’T swim under water… Billy admitted he didn’t already know this…I know YESSS (the listeners cheer)…So if you know any other animal facts that you think will catch Billy out please get in touch by messaging them on this blog and I’ll make sure we read them out on this week’s show!
We also talked about pancakes and was asking what’s the most anyone has ever eaten in one day…with Pancake day tomorrow I hope you’re all getting ready to top the highest score of 15…I may even attempt to break Russia’s Andrei Smirnov’s world record of 73 pancakes in less than a minute! (Hmm on the other hand this may not be possible!)
Anyway…we love to hear from you so get in touch and tune into the show this Friday from 9-10am with me (Nicola Harris) and Billy Haynes for all the latest gossip, music and most importantly ANIMAL FACTS!

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