Fly goes 24/7, just not how i expected it

So as Fly has moved into the world of 24/7 so did I on Tuesday as despite my protesting I got dragged out to Bodega and ended up returning at 4.30am. Instead of sleeping however I decided it would be a good idea to stick The Inbetweeners on, get some Apple Juice and stay up until Ihad to go do the show. Needless to say it wasn’t my finest hour. Without the guiding hand of co-presenter Rory Avery i was lost as to what to say and who to talk to.

But never fear, this week we’re back and we’re bigger, better and bolder than ever. Rory has assured me that his record of the week will “blow your socks off” and i can guarantee that as our search to find the cleverest Fly FM presenter goes on you will be on the floor with pains in your sides from laughter. This week its the turn of Aaron Stevens as he attempts to knock Rory off the top of the leader board and it is unmissable.

So tune it 9-10am Wednesday morning, you know you want to!!

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