MuffMuffMuffMuff. Muff.

It’s the last week of term, so here at Fly FM we thought we’d have a party! However, having discovered a cardboard tube, a drumstick and a few old microphone covers this ‘party’ quickly turned into an excuse to hold our own version of Varsity, and the opportunity for the silly boys at Fly to say the word ‘Muff’ the most amount of times on the radio.

The Alt Project and Christian Baker joined us in the studio and competed in games such as ‘Find the Muff’, ‘Where’s the Muff’, ‘Wack-a-Muff’, and a really sexist game of throwing muffs at me. A Muff, despite being a rather crude word, is, infact, the foamy spongey thing that goes over the top of a microphone. (and yes, i’ve already noted the innuendo in that.)

Matt and myself were set a challenge to take a muff to the most imaginative and furthest away place, take a photo and get back within the space of two songs. Matt got to a poundshop, I got to the ice scream van in the Arboretum, and got back a good few minutes before he did, therefore I won! Unfortunately, due to my phone lacking any obvious way to upload my photo of the ice scream van-man  in his ice scream van holding the muff in one hand and giving the thumbs up in the other can’t be shown *sad face*.

I also decided to get my revenge on the sexist event of me being used as a target for the muffs to be thrown at, and make everyone individually take part in testiculate. Luck was definately in their favour as either Tesco have realised what we’re upto and have taken the time to block the studio phone’s number, or we haven’t paid the phone bill, because we couldn’t get though….grrrr!

Did you miss the show? Maybe you were walking to uni and wondered why the hell Matt and myself were sprinting along Shakespeare and Waverley Street? Well keep an eye out for the podcast- it’ll be a corker!

Have a fab Easter!

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