Bringing Essex back…

So last Thursday we braced you with our radio presence once again with our two hour comeback show…

We both could hardly contain our excitement in the studio as we waited whilst Lady Gaga and Ben Howard finished singing their hearts outs so we could finally say “hellooooo” into the microphone after having a whole summer off air.

But it was definitely worth the wait as this year we have four new features for our new two hour slot..even more time for crazy antics! So firstly we had our new game “Who’s yeah is there”…now we thought we would start off the first week with an old school easy classic “yeah” which of course came from good old Britney Spears. Her “yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah” crowned Nick Booth the first ever winner of our show as he text the winning answer within seconds. But next week we are going to make this game a little harder to get ready to steal Nick’s title!

As always with our show we have to include crazy stories of the week…it just wouldn’t be right for us not to discuss wacky news! So this time we had “three course Christmas dinner crisps” not so sweet! Then would you “auction yourself on ebay in order to get employment?…it worked for 17 year old Joe with a buy it now price of £16,000”…but our feeling of this in the studio was this was too cheap for our service! Also here’s the promised picture of a flying rhino…yes you may want to look twice!

(Michael Raimondo/WWF)

Our favourite game of the show had to be the “Essex Alpha”…This is again a new feature where every week Billy and I will record two words from two letters of the alphabet that remind us of Essex. So we record these before we go on air and then play back eachothers words live hoping to get a winning Joey Essex “Reem” rather than a losing Amy Childs “Shuutt’ Up”…This week we started at the top of the alpha’ with “A and B”…choosing the same ‘reem’ word “accent” but the losing words “blonde” and “babe”..I mean come on Billy “babe” oo shuttt up! So next week we need to try to match “C and D” to really determine how Essex-sync we are!

For everyone that used to tune into our old show, “The Friday Feeling” you will already be aware of Billy’s (cough) obsession (cough) with animal facts…for the new listeners let’s just say Billy is the ‘ brainbox’ of animal where I am googling my facts each week…like ‘did you know they are more chickens than people in the world?’…Billy has the facts rolling off of his tongue like this week’s: ‘did you know toads drink through their skin?’…I mean did anyone really know that or was it just me that was clueless?! Anyway we like to think we helping you to ‘learn something new every day’. Also if you feel brave enough to catch Billy out with a fact…text it into FlyFm and we’ll test his real knowledge!

Anyway…we love to hear from you so get in touch and tune into the show this Thursday from 1-3pm with me (Nicola Harris) and Billy Haynes for all the latest wacky stories, music and most importantly reemness and ANIMAL FACTS!

Click on the link below to see what happens behind the mics..CH-CH-CHECK IT OUT!

Fly Reem Team


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