Survey Shows Casual Attitude to STI’s

A survey conducted by YouthNet has revealed a worrying attitude towards STI’s amongst young people. 719 16-25 year olds took part in the survey, which highlights some concerning figures:

  • 47% agreed sex without a condom is okay, as long as the girl is on the pill
  • 1 in 3 had caught an STI after drunken sex
  • 62% who had unprotected sex did not go for an STI check up afterwards

The research has alarmed health professionals. Dr Raj Singh, an expert in youth health care says that there is a “significant lack of awareness of the risks associated with contracting STI’s”, and that the “figures for the number of people infected with STI’s are at a record high.”

YouthNet runs TheSite, a website for young people offering anonymous advice on issues such as drink, drugs and sex via podcasts, blogs and articles. YouthNet CEO Emma Thomas says that making advice easily accessible through technology such as TheSite will help to ensure that young people have access to the right information necessary to make informed decisions.

She added that “the results of the survey show that there is still a long way to go in helping young people understand the dangers of unprotected sex.”


Anna Russell

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