Environmental Scheme Keeps Clifton Campus Green

Clifton campus goers will have noticed the tree clearance work done alongside Clifton Lane. Recently a group of NTU staff and student volunteers were joined by 30 school children and have successfully planted a variety of trees in areas that will encourage the development of wildlife.

Their mission has sustained the university’s Green Flag status for being one of the best green spaces in the country. This puts Clifton and Brackenhurst alongside Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park in London, as well as the Arboretum in the city centre.

NTU has also been awarded for its involvement with the community. A hot-desk has been opened to all of those interested in joining projects, Fridays 2-4:30pm at Clifton’s Careers and Development Centre. Volunteering officers are also contactable by email.

The EcoWeb page keeps you updated with the latest on environmental activity.

By: Lois Moraes

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