F1rstPlay: Acoustic Session with Tom Wardle

This week I was joined in the Fly studios by the fantastic Tom Wardle. He has to be one of the nicest guys in music right now and is a real talent , absolute pleasure having him play for us.

We chatted about London, Ronnie Wood, writing toward his new album and Brackenhurst, no less. Make sure you watch this space! Tom played his newest song “The Man you Fell in Love With” (a Fly FM EXCLUSIVE), Pink Lilies and his mystery cover Robbie Williams’ “Candy”.

Track Listing

Next week I’ll be reunited with Rachel after going solo and we’ll be joined in the studio for a live session from Alaskan Faction. Make sure you tune in!

As always, if you want to feature on our playlist or think you ought to be in for a live session then get in touch with the station!


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