Slaves Live At Rock City Review

Slaves lay waste to Nottingham’s Rock City.

Slaves are a band known for creating absoluteΒ chaos and this turned out to be case when the two piece arrived at Rock City for their sold out show.

The venue was full to the extent where everyone was shoulder to shoulder, perfect for a night of music which would see the main room become a giant mosh pit.

Isaac Holman (vocals and drums) and Laurie Vincent (guitar and bass) filled the room with noise which you think you could only be done with a band made up of four people, not two!

Compared to other two pieces such as Royal Blood, punk music is on the agenda for Slaves and with songs such as Where’s Your Car Debbie? and Sockets, Rock City descended into a room of flying limbs as people of all ages tried to outdo each other in the mosh pits.

Slaves are an act as well which put all their energy into their performances and this was shown by both members. Laurie charged around the stage with his guitar whilst Isaac bellowed out the lyrics and jumped around playing the drums.

The crowd fed off this energy, but, it does take its toll as Isaac did require further shoulder surgery after the constant performing.

Judging by this performance, Slaves are a band which are going to be around for a while and with a loyal fanbase in the younger generation, the future is looking bright for the Kent two piece.


Photo: Used with permission from Bronx on Flickr.

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