Six ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day the Irish way

Being Irish and studying in England, I feel it is my moral duty to teach all my fellow English friends how to properly celebrate St Paddy’s Day. I have composed a short list of five ways to make sure your St Paddy’s Day is good craic!


Drinking is our greatest national stereotype. If there’s anything the Irish are known for, it’s our extremely high tolerance of alcohol.

St Paddy’s Day is supposed to be a day of celebration and embracing your Irish identity, even if you’re not Irish, have fun with us and embrace the Irish-ness for the day!

green beer

Whether your drink of choice is the traditional Guinness or anything that’ll just get you into good spirits, then join us and LET’S CELEBRATE! However, beware of the “green beer” – we don’t know who came up with this abomination, but trust me you don’t wanna take that risk! (Remember drink responsibly folks!)


Learn some words and phrases typical of the Irish

From coming to uni, I have slowly begun to realise that I often use words and phrases that not everyone understands. However, on St Paddy’s

However, on St Patrick’s Day, I will speak so fast you won’t be able to understand me. It may be fun to learn some Irish words or phrases to really get you into the spirit. Try sprinkling some of these gems into your conversations:

  • “It’s grand!” – Grand translates as “fine” or “great” depending on the context you use it in of course! “I’m grand” is a perfectly acceptable reply to the question, “How’re you?” It’s one of the many phrases I am 100% guilty of using every day, so much so that many of my flatmates have started to use it!


  • “Eejit” – Eejit is basically the Irish word for idiot. If someone does something silly or stupid, you can comment “Ah ya big eejit!”. Don’t worry it’s not offensive, and guaranteed if you use it with your newfound Irish mates, they’ll accept you as one of their own.

All green, everythaaang

An all green t-shirt works, or you could spice things up a little by choosing one with particular Irish-related sayings, for example, “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” – but please keep in mind, no real Irish person over the age of ten would wear this and take themselves completely seriously. For those feeling particularly festive, you could opt for the stereotypical leprechaun costumes which will earn you lots of respect on the day!










 Listen to Irish music!

Whether, you’re heading out for the day/night with friends, or just wanting a little sprinkle of Irish goodness in your day, listen to some Irish music!

Whether this is traditional Celtic and folk Irish pub songs, or simply bands such as The Cranberries, U2 or Snow Patrol – all hailing from the Emerald Isle. Even add Ed Sheeran’s song “Galway Girl” to your playlist to feel those Irish vibes!


Get your Irish dancing shoes on!

One of the many traditions of St Paddy’s Day is the wonderful talent of Irish dancing. It’s a form of step dancing which is very popular in Ireland, and many children start it as early as five years old! YouTube some basic steps and be prepared to amaze everyone with your impressive moves!


Go to a parade in your city!

Parades are a huge thing on St Patrick’s and they’re always guaranteed to be great craic!

Gather up a group of your friends and head down to join in on the festivities. Many parades feature the best of local dance troupes, marching bands, gymnasts and musicians in addition to spectacular themed floats and brightly costumed participants.


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