Seafret At The Bodega review

Seafret slay a sold out breathless Bodega crowd

On their current UK tour, Jack Sedman (Vocals) & Harry Draper (Guitar), otherwise known as Seafret, played a sold out gig at The Bodega and what a night it was.

With support from Freddie Dickson, these two guys with one guitar and one voice have come a long way in the space of a year. Previously in Nottingham on The Coffeehouse Sessions Tour, to be selling out venues with 300-400 capacity is impressive in my books.

In the dark venue where everyone was stood shoulder to shoulder, Seafret took the stage. Opening with ‘Give Me Something’, the crowd fell silent. It was breathtaking.

This continued for the first couple of songs, everyone seemed to be captivated by Jack’s beautiful voice and the amazing riffs coming from Harry’s guitar. After the first few songs the crowd got into it, singing along at the top of their lungs.

Seafret played an amazing gig, a mixture of being able to entertain a crowd whilst and whilst not performing. Even managing to get a few laughs and applauds for any international fans that were in the crowd. That’s what was amazing, the performance was unreal, an act that I would say is better live than in the studio. Mix that with being able to connect with a crowd and have jokes with them is what performers should be doing.

With a combination of quality music, a strong stage presence and unbelievable live performances, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them selling out far bigger venues next time round.




Featured photo:  Martin Schumann, Wikimedia Commons

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