Fly FM Facts You Should Know

With the new Fly FM website, it brings a fresh chapter to the station. We at Fly love a good fact so we collated some Fly FM Facts You Should Know 

Fly FM was started in 1996.

21! Which means Fly is as old as us students that present it! Number one singles they could’ve played that year ranged from plenty of Spice Girls to the Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seeds belter Three Lions. Back of the net!



The original name for Fly FM was Kick FM.

Kick FM didn’t grow its wings until 2000, becoming Fly FM. Wonder what Fly FM Sport would’ve thought of that today?



Fly FM Stands for Fresh, Lively, Young.

Wait, so there’s no actual Flying?



 There are nine other Fly FM stations in the world

Searching Fly FM on TuneIn Radio brings up stations from Greece, Spain, and Malaysia. Thankfully, we are the only and therefore the best FlyFM in the UK.



@Fly_FM has over 4000 followers on Twitter…

…including the 44th President of America Barack Obama! Yes, really.



Fly FM Broadcasts 24/7.

So if you’re pulling an all-nighter in the library, or getting ready for a big night out. – Fly FM has you covered.

Although we’re a radio station, Fly FM has a YouTube 

Featuring Clips from shows, interviews, and fun videos all around Nottingham – FlyFMUK has N-T-You covered.

Arctic Bread


Fly FM has been nominated (and won) Student Radio Awards for four years running.

Fly FM at the SRA Awards 2016
Fly FM at the SRA Awards 2016


No Radio Experience is needed to join Fly FM

We’re a station of non-media and media students, presenting music, news, and sport.



Fly FM loves Charity.

In the first three months of 2017 alone, Fly FM have raised nearly £300 for various charities, through outside broadcasts, marathon broadcasts and sponsored activities.

Fly FM just costs £3 to join.

Head over to the the Fly FM NTSU Page for more Fly facts, or head to our homepage.



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