The Lemon Twigs at the Bodega review

The Lemon Twigs sold out in Nottingham quickest, and didn’t disappoint.

You’d be foolish to write off The Lemon Twigs for their retro outfits. Brothers Michael and Brian D’Addario – just 17 and 20 respectively have a combination of talent and ecstasy in their music and stage presence to bring rock and roll back for the years to come.

Joined by bassist solo-playing Megan Zeankowski and Danny Ayala on keyboard, these twigs are no stick in the mud.

They have talent.

The Lemon Twigs began their sold out show at The Bodega with the simultaneously forgivable and unforgivable American pronunciation of “Noting-ham”.

I – among much of the Nottingham crowd responded in a way only Nottingham can – a chorus of “ay ups” and cheers.

From there on out, the New Yorkers played a meticulously crafted setlist omitting some of the slower songs on their 2016 album Do Hollywood to maintain an flowing pace.

The Lemon Twigs at the Bodega, Notts
Michael D’Addario, 17, switched from drums to lead for the second half of the show. Photo: Laurice Yusuf

Their replacements, songs from their yet-to-be-titled summer EP, a cover of influence Alex Chilton’s “All of the Time”, and songs from their father Ronnie D’Addario’s newly released collection.

Tactically opening and closing the one hour show with their two most popular singles, along with the dynamic of the two leads switching on drums and vocals, the limited set was made up for by the shows plan.

My personal highlight had to be the younger brother Michael’s trademark kicks. But sadly I could not get a photo as I was too busy shouting “As Long As We’re Together” in the third row.

Tickets were £12, not bad considering flares are pretty expensive nowadays. Merchandise was impressively cheap too, with £15 vinyls putting Lace Market record stores to shame.

I managed to bag myself a medium t-shirt for £20 that while pricey, I’ll grow into it being an American medium!

The Lemon Twigs might have played much bigger crowds at South by Southwest 2017, but building an intimate image on their European Tour gets me extra excited for the future of the Long Island fourpiece.

You can listen to The Lemon Twigs “I Wanna Prove to You” on Alexander Greensmith’s show Friday’s 10am-12pm on FlyFM.


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