Chris-ical Analysis: Br’eggs’it

Why is the UK absolutely outraged about the omission of the word Easter on the marketing for a children’s egg hunt, yet not about the way we treat poor, the foreign or the helpless?

On Tuesday last week, it emerged that Cadbury’s (y’know the delicious chocolate conglomerate) and the National Trust (they look after old houses and open them to the public) had missed off the word ‘Easter’ from some of their marketing that advertised children’s egg hunts at National Trust properties.

It sounds quite innocuous – we’re allegedly multi-faith nation with people holding diverse and wide ranging beliefs, so this may have been an attempt to appeal to more than just Christian families.

Well, some people did not like this one bit. Absolutely furious that the word Easter didn’t feature on a website about looking for chocolate eggs, the Church of England put out a statement from John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, saying;

“To drop Easter from Cadbury’s Easter Egg Hunt in my book is tantamount to spitting on the grave of Cadbury”

Yep. They actually said that. Except, Cadbury was a Quaker, and Quakers don’t celebrate Easter. So that’s kind of awkward. Next up, whilst on a trip to Saudi Arabia (whom we sell arms to, and a nation that beheads people for being gay) the Prime Minister said;

“I’m not just a vicar’s daughter – I’m a member of the National Trust as well. I think the stance they’ve taken is absolutely ridiculous and I don’t know what they’re thinking about”

That’s right. Whilst on a trip to Saudi Arabia, a nation that is often accused of committing human rights abuses (Using the weapons we sell them) Theresa May slammed two great organisations in the UK over the omission of a word. Are you beginning to see why this whole debacle is getting a bit silly?

And as usual, Twitter was a minefield of outrage, just look at this hot take on the situation…

Not only this, but a quick 30 second bit of online research brands the whole thing fake anyway, as the Cadbury’s website for the egg hunts (which contains the word ‘Easter’ in the URL) contains the word Easter several times. So as you can see, not only are we outraged by a word, but we’re outraged at something that doesn’t exist.

This is literally #fakenews, and our Government and the Church of England have both seen the red mist over it. Hmm.

Cadbury's Easter Promotion
Cadbury’s Easter Promotion

This whole thing is extra ridiculous when you take in to account the context of the UK today. We have a Tory government, who aren’t exactly well known for spending money on social care, foreign aid, poverty, helping the needy or taking in refugees (which are all somewhat Christian values) and what does this country decide to be concerned about? A word.

Food bank usage is still too high in the UK, but it doesn’t matter because over Easter I want my national institutions to include the word Easter on a poster and huge chocolate egg damn it.

There are huge human rights abuses going on in Syria and the Middle East, that we are contributing to, yet when it comes to taking refugees and offering sanctuary, we turn our backs.

But don’t worry, we have all the chocolate eggs we want to celebrate the death and then rebirth of a religious deity.. as long as they say Easter on them!

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