Golden Boot Player: Top Five Sport Playlist Tracks 2017

Fly FM Sport pundits have teamed together to decide this year’s top five tracks from the unique Golden Boot Player.

A playlist full of songs that you simply near to hear. It may be a track you’ve heard but never quite caught the name of it, or an absolute tune that you’ve never heard before and wish you had.

That is pretty much the Golden Boot Player and it’s been running throughout Fly FM’s sports shows, simply providing new music for NTU.

But the question is…what’s the crem de la crem of the Golden Boot Player? Well lets find out.

5. It’s Only a Dream – Modern Space


Photo: Modern Space

Modern Space consist of five members from Canada and have already worked with the likes of The Vaccines.

One of the moat recent tracks to make the playlist, It’s Only a Dream is your typical indie alternative song. This particular track featured on their debut EP ‘Before Sunrise’ and has made fifth place because of it’s upbeat rhythm and with a title very fitting for Arsenal’s title hopes.

4. Chameleon – PNAU


Photo: Snapshot taken from PNAU’s music video

A duo of Australians with a colourful, bright and wacky video to feature this dance track. What’s not to love?

This track is still currently in the Australian top 40 and to top it off…PNAU have also recently worked with Elton John. Summer anthem of 2017 perhaps?

3. Golden Skans – Klaxons


Photo: Klaxons band 

Not sure what this song is? You’ll know it for sure once you play it! Released in 2007 this song proved so popular… even the Kaizer Chiefs made their own version.

In May 2007, it was named the 40th Greatest Indie anthem ever by NME and reached number 16 in the UK singles chart.

2. Dirty Harry – Gorillaz 


Photo: Gorillaz artwork

Another one of those tracks you most likely heard before but not quite sure who it’s by and its name.

It was released in 2005 and featured on the album Demon Days,

Unsurprisingly, this was nominated for a Grammy but was beaten by Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley’s “Welcome to Jamrock” (what a song to beat too).

1. Swings and Waterslides – Viola Beach


Photo: Viola Beach members: Kris, River, Tomas and Jack

What a song to end on. Viola Beach weren’t given the time they deserved to show the world of music what they are made of.

Formed of four members in 2013, the English indie group sadly passed away after a car crash in Sweden three years later.

But their music will live on with Swings and Waterslides. It’s simply one them songs that never seems to get old..making it the number one track on the Golden Boot Player.

Best news yet…more tracks will be added to the playlist very soon, featuring Billy Joel and Lemaitre.

If you can’t wait for the Saturday Sports show (Saturday’s 2pm-6pm), Trent Sport (Wednesday’s 5-7pm) or Local Sportlight (Friday’s 3-4pm) to hear this playlist you, then can listen to it right now on our Spotify account. 


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