Chris-ical Analysis: What do you mean it’s only been a week?!

In the words of the Barenaked Ladies, it’s been One Week!

We have just about made it through the first full week of campaigning for the General Election and good GOSH have we had some absolute zingers to talk about already! So as to not bore you, I’ve picked out the best bits of each party over the past week, for you to laugh (or cry) at…


UKIP didn’t have the best start to their campaign. On Monday, Paul Nuttall locked himself in a room in Parliament, away from journalists, so he didn’t have to answer their questions about his intentions to run in the election…

This was shortly after releasing some election pledges, which included banning the burqa, slashing the foreign aid budget, and requirement that all young girls must be checked (really) for evidence of FGM at school.

UKIP have set their stall out early, to try and park their tanks firmly on the Tory lawns. They want to prove they’re more than a one trick party.


Labour really only have one line of attack at this election – the NHS. They went in hard this week, announcing they would increase medical staff pay. To the average person, this sounds fab – however, all it took was one simple question to quickly unravel their policy.

Interviewer: ‘How much will it cost the taxpayer?’

Labour: ‘We don’t know’

Labour have a history of doing silly things with the economy, so this left Jonathon Ashworth, Labour’s Shadow Health Sec, a little red in the face.

Do Labour have anything other than the NHS in this election? Brexit certainly isn’t their strong point.

Lib Dems

Hilariously this week, and in Alan Partridge-esque style, Tim Farron was caught saying ‘Smell my spaniel’ whilst out on the campaign trail.

He’s also had a tricky week in that he initially refused to say that gay sex was not a sin – despite being asked several times about his views over several days!

This is really all we’ve heard of the Lib Dems, who can really only talk about a second Brexit referendum.

Could this policy work? We seem to forget that 48% of the country voted to stay in the EU, so could that huge sentiment be a winner for them? Or maybe all people remember about the Lib Dems is this…

Nick Clegg, promising not to raise tuition fees, shortly before raising tuition fees...
Nick Clegg, promising not to raise tuition fees, shortly before raising tuition fees…


Strong and stable leadership. Strong and stable leadership. Stro…

Oh that was close! Rumour has it, that if you say Theresa May’s favourite soundbite three times in the mirror, she appears in front of you!

What we know so far for the Tories is that they’re on course (if we believe those dastardly polls) to win a huge majority.

We already know that May talks about wanting to strengthen her hand in the Brexit talks and that she wants Britain to have (say it with me) strong and stable leadership.

Not only that, but she’s stolen an Ed Miliband policy too! One of their early policies is to cap energy prices (which Miliband proposed in 2015) for consumers, which I guess is pretty neat?

In an embarrassing turn for the PM, she also had no idea where she was during an interview but decided to give it a go anyway…

Wonderful. Only another 6 weeks of madness to go!

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    • 2nd May 2017 at 15:25

      Hi Andrew. Thanks for your concern! For length I decided to stick with the main 3 main parties (and UKIP because they made me laugh). I’ll spotlight the Greens over the coming weeks though!

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