Andrew & Connor’s Top 10 Chill Tracks

It’s coming up to that stressful time of year again. Students up and down the UK are tearing out their hair as they get bombarded with an avalanche of essays and exam revision.

Therefore, music curators and Top 10 Show presenters Andrew and Connor bring you our finest chill tracks to relax to. Think of it as an online ‘DVD-extra’ special feature from our show, for your ears. Smooth.

10. Sublime – What I Got
Connor’s choice

This track will take you back to a time where Andrew and Connor were still wearing nappies.

Yes, it’s from ’97 but it’s a banger. Its laid back guitar and empowering vocals will be sure to chill you out during this exam season.

9. 30 Seconds to Mars – Stay (Cover of Rihanna)
Andrew’s choice

Possibly one of the best covers we’ve heard in the past few years, this track shows that 30 Seconds to Mars aren’t all about fast paced rock.

This slow, chill track just makes you want to take a looong look at life and realise it’s not too bad. Or something.

And yes, it also featured in our Top 10 Covers and Remixes a few months ago! It’s that good.

8. Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes
Connor’s choice

This track’s delicious in every sense of the word. Jack Johnson is known for his acoustic masterpieces and this one is no exception!

Whack this one on and you’ll power through an essay in no time. Maybe I should get on that…

7. ZHU – Cocaine Model
Andrew’s choice

This song makes you think of paradise. As one YouTube commenter so eloquently put it, “his style is like… A fancy kind of music. It’s like if you dress house with suit and tie”. And I completely agree!

A track must be pretty good if it gives you a high like this one does. I guess that’s the Cocaine Model.

Soooo chill.

6. CHVRCHES – Lies (Tourist Remix)
Andrew’s choice

Now this is one for a rainy night. Tourist have made an amazing remix that’s debatably better than the original.

It’s slow, but it’s as chill as a polar bear in a freezer. Maybe put this one on when you’ve realised you’re just not gonna get those 2500 words done before 11:59pm. Just try not to cry.

5. Frank Sinatra – That’s Life


Connor’s choice

3000 word essays. 60 mark exam questions. 4 deadlines in one week. That’s life.

Frank Sinatra did it his way – and it’s a bloody good way. Maybe not as down-tempo as the rest of the tracks in this selection, but this one is at least motivating, to chill you out when revision cue cards are overflowing out of your flat.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication


Connor’s choice

Yes, you can’t beat a bit of chill rock on a revision day. And the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the masters of this.

I wish I was in California rather than writing essays! Speaking of which…

3. Eagles – Hotel California


Andrew’s choice

This one takes us back. One of the best songs ever recorded, this incredible track is one of the best to revise to. It makes you inspired for what the assignment-less summer will hold, and nostalgic for the past.

It’s a chill track that I think will never die.

2. Bob Marley and The Wailers – Three Little Birds


Connor’s choice

Don’t worry about a thing. Cos every little thing is gonna be alright! Even that half written essay with no sources that’s due in tomorrow! You get where we’re coming from.

This track is well known as one of the best to chill to… and partake in other activities that go against our writing guidelines to mention.

It’s a great shout.

1. Pink Floyd – The Great Gig in the Sky


Andrew’s choice

This one can only be described as orgasmic. One of the best songs ever made, and the remaster making it sound even better, this track will blow you away. Guaranteed.

During a revision sesh, if you need a hit but don’t believe in drugs (because who does), whack this up to full volume and hit play.

It’s perfection!

Honourable Mentions

So there we have our Top 10 songs to chill to. This would have been made into a radio show but our slot was taken over by a pesky bank holiday (the building containing the studio was closed) and we’d rather not get in trouble with security…

Shout out to The 1975 whose Medicine very nearly made the list. Daniel Avery – Knowing we’ll be Here (KiNK remix) is also a fantastic song to chill to, as is Sky Ferreira’s – Everything is Embarrassing.

What are your favourite songs to chill to? Let us know in the comments…!


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