Cow Hit by Train Causes Delays Out of Nottingham

Passengers heading out of Nottingham station experienced delays after a cow got onto the tracks and was hit by a train.

The cow’s untimely death forced Cross Country to cancel the 11:11 to Cardiff Central because of the disruption on the tracks, whilst other lines were also affected.

The type of train used between Nottingham and Cardiff is a Class 170 Turbostar which can reach speeds of up to 100mph.

Cross Country Map

A spokesperson via Cross Country’s twitter originally referred to the bovine creature as a “blockage”, but later confirmed the delays to have been caused by a cow.

As bizarre as it may seem, cows wandering onto the tracks appears to happen quite often.

“Usually happens if there’s a hole in a fence and the cows walk on to the track.” – Cross Country Spokesperson

Passengers were given the option to takeΒ seat on the next available train or choose an alternative route without having to pay an extra fee.

The delays occurred just as football fans were making there way to grounds across the East Midlands, including Nottingham Forest who were playing their final game of the season.

One Forest fan missed his connection to Nottingham station due to the delays.

Although some passengers would have waited at least an hour for the next train the situation didn’t quite turn into udder chaos.

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