New in Notts: Son of Steak – review

Trinity Square has become home to a brand new restaurant which wants to revolutionise the way we think about a good old-fashioned steak.

Located in the premises of the old Harvester eatery, Son of Steak invited us in to have a go at one of their signature steaks, which are extremely affordable being a little over £7 for one.

In terms of location, it’s less than a five minute walk from the Newton building, so there’s no issue at an all in actually getting there even after a long day of lectures.

Inside, you’ll be treated to an atmospheric and pleasantly cultured interior, which is something akin to a classic burger joint in Texas ( in the words of our very own Brad Hope). The staff were friendly while maintaining a good knowledge of the characteristics of the dishes on offer.

Son of Steak also informed us they utilise specialist equipment to concoct the perfect steak, indicating a heightened level of professionalism.

Son of Steak Two

Now to the important part. We’re happy to report we were blown away with the impressiveness of the final item presented to us.

For a start, you get a generous portion of chips and another side of your choice, such as crunchy onion bread. The steak itself is a well done, lightly salted treat for the taste buds which had the pleasant effect of being delicious and filling.

It’s soft enough to be easily broken up and there’s no chance of it being too chewy, so it wins on all fronts.

If you’re feeling particularly lazy, they’re also on Deliveroo. You can’t lose!

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