The Japanese House at the Rescue Rooms Review

The Japanese House filled the xx shaped hole in my life since 2015, and can fill the Rescue Rooms even better.

Named after a house in Cornwall, Buckinghamshire part-time lawyer Amber Bain marred indie pop with the best lighting I’ve seen with a venue of the Rescue Rooms size.

From pearly white spotlights on Bain and beyond to the audience from her debut EP 2nd track “Teeth”.

To the revolving blue beacons complimenting her current most popular Spotify track “Cool Blue”.

The lighting wasn’t like most gigs to keep the audience active or keep the band to a beat. It was a artistic addition to the music.

Despite The Japanese Houses delving into dream pop, unlike a Japanese house, Bain’s stage presence was anything but wooden.

Cracking jokes in-between her electric guitar switches to admitting a guitar failure with an apologetic chuckle.

Followed by a radio DJ voice to introduce her next song that would be more than welcome on Fly FM.

With vocals akin to The Japanese Houses recordings,  this Rescue Rooms set felt genuine and intimate.
With vocals akin to The Japanese Houses recordings, this Rescue Rooms set felt genuine and intimate.

Most surprisingly, I saw few phones throughout the gig, and if so definitely not on flash to respect the meticulous lighting.

I almost felt bad writing notes throughout the gig!

I class it as a testament to The Japanese House’s intimacy, notably the merchandise desk being included in the stage room – rather than separate as other Rescue Rooms gigs do.

My ears weren’t ringing after the gig, but I didn’t mind.

Well-supported by Tamu Massif and Babeheaven, The Japanese knows their audience, and judging by the rapturous climactic applause they appreciate it back.

The Japanese House Played Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms on May 16th on her U.K warm-up tour for Leeds Festival this summer. 

You can listen to The Japanese House on Alexander Greensmith’s Show Friday’s 10-12.


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