Joe Purdy at Rescue Rooms Review

One-off gig in Nottingham? Quality.

While the upstairs of Rescue Rooms is famed for its midweek SoulJam club nights, Joe Purdy proved Monday’s are not to be ignored. 

Arkansas-born Joe Purdy defended my decision to stay in Nottingham after last day of term. Visiting on the recommendation of my flatmate Freddie. I entered his low-lit acoustic session a foreigner to his music, but left the show a friend.

Poingant Purdy: “You don’t have to get high for people to like you.”
Poingant Purdy: “You don’t have to get high for people to like you.”

Substituting drums for harmonica in songs including one-man band ballad “New Years Eve” evoked Purdy’s inner Bob Dylan.

While the gig wasn’t sold out, it allowed Purdy more control over his performance. Taking well-timed comedic song breaks of downing a bottle of water after sipping on some whiskey, or practicing his pronunciation of Nottingham.

Even coyly sliding in “Maybe I’ll go to Nottingham on a Monday night” in his song of road trip confusion Christine.

Purdy’s honestly about a lack of encore “as he doesn’t like all the walking” felt right with the humour-built performer-audience rapport from the hour set.

My personal favourite was discussing the release of his latest album Who Will Be Next? Proudly declaring “this album made it to number four in the US country charts”. Following applause, he conceded “Don’t applaud I made that all up.”

The shared laughter clearly acknowledging the UKs lack of knowledge in country music.

A highlight seconded to a teaching the audience the occasional sing-a-long into which we duly obliged.

Modest Purdy embraced the modern trend of “disheveled chic” with torn skinny jeans and the Rescue Rooms embraced back – the respectfully peaceful crowd had largely arrived for both support acts.

Intimate humble story-telling.

Joe Purdy’s latest album Who Will Be Next? is out now.

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