Goldray at The Bodega Review & Interview

London-formed Goldray brought the sun up to Notts and shone. 

It’s 2:49 pm. It’s the hottest day of the year. Early for my interview at The Bodega, the doors are locked. 

Soon, a ray of sunshine that I welcomed was the arrival of Goldray and their team.

The free-flowing nature of psych rock were represented in the band’s personalities, with no rush to start the interview, rather caring about the interview.

Kenwyn House, was intrigued in my accent, claiming it has “bits of Nottingham and bits of Manchester”. Eager to try out his “ay up me duck” on me. I approved.

House was guitarist of Somerset band Reef, whose drummer was named Dominic Greensmith. I can proudly say thank you Kenwyn, I am one connection away from almost meeting another Greensmith in my life. Classic.

Dressed casually in the summer heat, almost unrecognisably extravagant on stage. Goldray do not hold back even on the hottest day of the year.

Lead vocalist Leah Rasmussen and Kenwyn described their passion for performing long songs, even on what was the hottest day of the year in Nottingham. Each song is a journey, they describe:

My favourite interlude was before introducing their latest single and title track Rising, the lights faded as Leah catwalked to centre stage with the only sound her high heels.

Bassist Geoff Laurens while quieter remains buoyant in his attire. Wearing a Nirvana shirt by day and Led Zeppelin shirt by night. This combined with Rasmussen’s Kate Bush-like vocals – Goldray aren’t afraid to hide their influences.

An out-of-focus shot on my behalf captures Leah masquerading bassist Geoff Laurens behind her changeable dress.
An out-of-focus shot on my behalf captures Leah masquerading bassist Geoff Laurens behind her changeable dress.

Playing the third-last show of their UK debut full-length release Rising tour, Goldray went all out.

With glitter suits matching their name and its logo, and Leah donning a cape-come-dress as free-flowing as Kenwyn’s hair. Goldray get my perfect rating in the wardrobe department.

Entering the gig to a cacophony similar to a cinematic soundscape, Goldray can make a small venue like The Bodega feel huge – and greatly compliment the bands ambitions.

Rasmussen swam through every inch of the stage, complimenting psychedelic solos as if to show off the guitarist, bassist and drummers talents.

Goldray’s Drummer isn’t featured as part of bands branding but he easily could be. His tendency to end songs with the last bash standing up proved more energy than your average tour drummer.

Kitted Out: Not pictured – flowers atop the microphone.

The psych-rockers can also be wonderfully subtle, while Leah failed to name an R.E.M song with Orange in the title in my interview – as a homage to my favourite Goldray song The Oranges Song. Their stage did feature an orange speaker tucked below their dazzling logo.

While not present for the interview, bassist Geoff Laurens (right) happily joined guitarist Kenwyn House (left) Leah Rasmussen (centre) and Fly FM’s Alexander Greensmith (front) for a photo.

The show was capped off with an off-guard gun shot loaded with confetti by vocalist Leah. An extravagant surprise and souvenir for an extravagant band.

As us students say nowadays, Goldray are unbelievably “Extra”.

Goldray’s debut full-release Rising is out now.

Goldray’s full interview will be broadcast on Fly FM this September. 

BELOW: Goldray discuss their Future in Five Seconds.

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