A Guide to Societies at Nottingham Trent SU

Societies are what makes NTU tick – they are the best way by far to get involved and make new friends quickly.

There is a society for everyone and for all interests – from Biomedical right down to Disney. If you’re coming straight from sixth form or college you might be unsure as to what a society actually is.

Well, we’ve got your back – a crash course on societies at Nottingham Trent university is coming right up.

Which ones should I join?

If you have no idea which Society to join, then why not go along to the Freshers Fairs, which take place over the course of Freshers Week on all three campuses.

Also present at these fairs are Student Services, sports clubs, Domino’s, and special staff who will take your membership payments on the day. That means you can walk into the room having no idea what to be involved with, and walk out as a member of 5 societies, 1 sports club, and several special pizza offers. It really is that easy on the day!!

How do they work?

All societies are split into eight “houses”, or “families”; Academic, Faith, Cultural, Trent Media, Political, Common Interest, Artistic, and Philanthropic. Each house has a representative on the House Exec Committee, which is also made up of the VP Actvities and the two Societies Co-ordinators.

The Head of Societies is the Student Union Vice-President of Activities (commonly known as VP Activities). He, along with the Societies Co-ordinators, make sure that all Societies have everything they need and answer all their questions.

Each Society has a President and a Committee, made up of a Treasurer, Secretary, Social Secretary, and Vice-President, and some bigger societies may have many more positions on their Committee. All Committee members are democratically elected by the Society members, and serve for one year – from summer to summer, so throughout the academic year.

Anything else I should know?

Each Society has an email address and several social media platform accounts, and they can easily be found and all Society information can be found on there.

If you find out that there isn’t something there for you, then why not start your own Society? All you need is 10 friends who also want to found the Society and you can submit your idea to the House Executive Committee who will approve or decline your idea.


Written by David Astill for Fly FM

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