Neck Deep in violence: Nottingham gig cancelled after fight with security

A Nottingham gig was cut short after an incident between crowd surfers and Rock City bouncers.

The scuffle between the venue’s security and some fans led to Neck Deep walking off after only playing two songs of their set. The pop punk band were playing at the well renowned Rock City venue as part of a tour promoting their latest album.

According to Trent TV journalist Dan Quinnell, who was at the event, “the bouncers started pulling over crowd surfers and proper going violent at them.”

“Then the band started having a go at the security and ran off stage”.

Ten minutes later, venue staff announced the cancellation of the gig, followed by band membersΒ stating on stage thatΒ they wished to continue, but were unable to because they didn’t have permission.

Various eye-witnesses on Twitter report a fight between Rock City security staff and Neck Deep bassistΒ Fil Thorpe-Evans, following a crowd surfer being slammed on the floor.

Frontman Ben Barlow was quoted as saying “security fucked it” during a chat with fans following the event.


Fans were furious about the incident. “A security guard’s job is to keep people safe. How vile”, said @MellissaBUSTED on Twitter.

“They were trying to stick up for their fans”, said @YouMeAtCourt.

As of writing, neither Rock City nor Neck Deep have responded for a request for comment or posted on social media about their side of the story.

UPDATE (10th Oct):Β 

The band have now responded with a statement.

“A Neck Deep show – any show for that matter – should be a protected and positive environment, where everyone is safe and free to enjoy music being played”, they said.

“The safety of our fans is our number one priority, but no-one involved in a show should EVER be in fear of harm or injury – be that fans, crew, venue staff, security or the band”.

“The events that transpired last night were regretful and deeply unfortunate”.

Neck Deep have stated that the gig will be rescheduled, and tickets will be valid again for the new one.

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