GIG REVIEW: Pale Waves at Nottingham’s Bodega

Pale Waves’ first ever headlining tour in Nottingham left the fans at Bodega swept away as they set to the stage with their latest hit “Television Romance”.

Lights dimmed. The stage pitch black as music softened. The crowd of fans began to bunch together as the wait commenced – it’s safe to say the atmosphere there was pretty cool.

At 9pm Pale Waves entered the stage with the crowd cheering – the roaring electrics made sure the entrance was 100% epic!

With technicolour lights spinning around the upstairs room, fans bopped away as the lead singer, Heather Baron-Gracie stunned the room with her chilling vocals.

The first song to be played, “Television Romance”, showed the crowd exactly why this hit had got over one million views on YouTube within just four weeks.

This catchy track had the crowd singing along to every word.

Pale Waves (picture courtesy of The Bodega)
Pale Waves (picture courtesy of The Bodega)

Within a matter of minutes they had managed to turn me into one of their biggest fans by playing tune after tune. “My Obsession” and “Heavenly” still find themselves circling around my head.

With the Manchester band members head-banging away, it was clear that they were enjoying the gig vibes just as much as everyone else.

Half way through the gig, Pale Waves introduced a new song “You Don’t Love us Anymore”, which ironically made the fans fall more in love with this band.

As the gig came to a close, lead-singer Heather spoke to the audience on how great they had been. They then finished the impressive set list with their first ever single “There’s a Honey” which was released earlier in April this year.

As Pale Waves left the stage, the fans began shouting “one more song” – with the entire audience wanting more it was clear to me why the tickets had sold out for that night, and even clearer that this band is definitely one to watch out for in the future.

Pale Waves continue their tour with Manchester, Newcastle and Southampton being their stops.

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