Storm Ophelia Batters Britain

Tropical storms from across the Atlantic have hit the UK this week.

In true British fashion, this week we were all talking about the weather. Storm Ophelia battered parts of Ireland, Wales and the West of England, whilst elsewhere in England, the sky turned red, thanks to the Sahara Desert.

On Monday, all eyes were on Northern Ireland, when Storm Ophelia was set to cause havoc on people’s lives. All the schools in Northern Ireland were closed, power cuts swept the country, and waves battered the coastline.

Tragically, 3 people lost their lives in the storm as the storm brought 118mph winds and torrential to Ireland. Thousands of homes and businesses lost power and large parts of the country were flooded.

However, with a big storm, we get one of TV’s great phenomenons – TV news reporters stood in this horrendous weather.

These poor reporters have to endure these conditions, and try and deliver a piece to camera, despite the advice usually being to stay indoors. This is nothing though. Some folk in Ireland decided to use this weather to go for a quick dip in a car park – something you can never normally do.

I guess even that even the actual darkest of clouds, there seems to be some sort of silver lining. Even Nottingham Trent suffered from the winds! A window was knocked out from Boots Library in the city into the street below!

Red Sky at Night – Instagram user’s delight

Storm Ophelia not only bought pretty nasty weather conditions across the west of the country, it bought with a red sky. Much of England and Wales, including Nottingham, had an absolutely stunning sight in the sky, caused by sand all the way from the Sahara Desert.

If you thought it looked like the four horsemen of the apocalypse were on the way, then we don’t blame you, but the beautiful red sky was literally a sand storm featuring sand from North Africa – and it was like an Instagram filter had been placed over the sky!

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