Super Hans DJ Set Review – A Nottingham Appeal

He’s declared Manchester as his “favourite city”, so what about Nottingham as his second favourite?

Think of your favourite character from a sitcom. Now imagine seeing them doing a DJ set on a boozy Tuesday night.

After discovering him during my first year of university binge-watching Peep Show, my expectations of Super Hans were ready for a eccentric feel.

As you’d expect a DJ Set in a university students union that isn’t your own to be, and Super Hans on-stage quirks from name-branded keyboards to hairstyles as big as the beats.

Matt King’s snake-loving, addict-character Super Hans certainly lived up the name.

Peep Show, the Channel 4 comedy starring Mitchell and Webb with King has gained a recent online cult following.

As his co-stars premiere the step-sibling sitcom Back, Hans is having his own laughs.

For fans of the show reading, I can confirm Super Hans DJ sets are miles better performed (and well-received) than the ill-fated Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homunculus gig from Series 5, Episode 2.

Fly FM's Ashley Morris and Alexander Greensmith went to the gig at Manchester Club Academy on Tuesday 7th November.  
Fly FM’s Ashley Morris and Alexander Greensmith went to the gig at Manchester Club Academy on Tuesday 7th November. Pictured: DJ Ami Carmine or her Super Hans name” (Special Thanks for Photo)

Hans acknowledged the young tech-savvy crowd, introducing bangers like Gary Numan’s Cars as: “You weren’t even born for this one – but you’ll know it”.

I say tech-savvy – I only got my phone out once during the gig for the shoddiest photo of my life.

With support from novelty singer Chris Tavener tantalising the reference-hungry crowd by comparing himself more to David Mitchell’s character than Jeremy, the stage was set for Super Hans’ so-called “Big Beat Manifesto”.

Here there are no broken promises, with non-stop party bangers. “Tuesday is the new Friday”, he declares – another quote to my long list of my Super Hans favourites.

Offering a helping hans. (Photo: Courtesy of Super Hans. )
Offering a helping hans. (Photo: Courtesy of Super Hans.)

Fan service peaked at pouring a box of crunchy nut onto the floor – akin to a scene in the show, but to rapturous cheer.

Supplying quotes and high-fives throughout, for fifteen quid of a spacious venue with an intimate feel, his sets are certainly “moreish”.

Teasing security with a cheeky cigarette and elapsing the curfew by a good ten minutes, King lived up to the law-breaking party-loving nature of his on-screen character.

The Stone Roses, Dead or Alive, even a filthy remix of The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun had a say in showcasing particular DJ’ing talent.

Working the stage with a roller skating “Rolla Peggy”, and the talented DJ Ümlaut who claimed to be Hans’ wife, the party started on stage and multiplied in the pit.

Hans’ occasional keyboard surprise and occasional strum of the electric guitar was also a nice testament to his character’s unpredictable nature.

Jesus (left) was absent, assumed to be performing his on-stage mission off-stage of “flute-playing, dancing, handing out fish, loaves and love”. Centre Ümlaut, right Super Hans. Photo: Super Hans

Super Hans next plays locally at The Leadmill on Friday 24th November but here at Fly, we believe Super Hans could fill out the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – given my peers’ Peep Show interest from discovering it at university, let alone the spicy show. Alternatively the biggest beats in Nottingham could be B0dega-bound.

Hans’ evidently open to new locations, so why not give Notts a try eh?

Fingers crossed for a future show to peep at that is anything but shy.

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