Worries of dangerous behaviour on trams in Nottingham

CCTV shows dangerous and anti-social behaviour on the tram network around Nottingham.

Incidents include people breaking tram windows by throwing stones and cycling dangerously close to trams in Nottingham.

A safety campaign to promote travelling safely on the trams and around the tram network has been launched by NET Trams.

So as part of this campaign, children will learn about the dangers of playing around tram lines and interfering with equipment in safety lessons.

Also, CCTV of dangerous and anti-social behaviour is visible in a safety videoΒ by Nottingham’s tram operator.

Louis Walmsley of NET Trams
Louis Walmsley of NET Trams

It’s trying to help spread the message and to encourage everyone to use the network safely.

NET trams say young people should us their common sense when using the trams and around the network.

“Don’t put yourself and others at risk.”
Louis Walmsley, Head of Safety at NET.

Louis Walmsley of NET trams said:”For all young people, our message couldn’t be clearer – don’t put yourself and others at risk.”

The City Council are also working with NET to support the safety campaign.

The council’s youth services team is working with youngsters directed to them for anti-social behaviour concerning the trams.

Councillor Sally Longford says: “Whether you live near the tram or only use it occasionally, people need to realise the potential dangers”.

You can listen to the full report on The Break here:

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