Whoops! Mansfield MP and Ex-NTU Student has his Controversial Past Revealed

The Mansfield MP, who has just been promoted to head of youth in the Tories, has had his old blog dug up – and it’s controversial!

Ben Bradley MP is the first Conservative Member of Parliament to hold the seat of Mansfield in over 100 years. What makes this feat sound even more impressive is that he is only 28 and he unseated the incumbent Labour MP who previously held the seat.

However, this week there has been a string of revelations about him and a (now deleted) blog he used to write when he was in his early 20s. Interestingly, Bradley was a student at Nottingham Trent University around this time, too.

On his blog, which he published in the mid 2000s, he said that benefit claimants who have children so they don’t have to work, should have vasectomies.

'Vasectomies are free;
‘Vasectomies are free’

This has come as a bit of shock to many as Bradley isΒ tipped as a rising star in the party. This is despite him only being elected in 2017. These comments have no doubt changed people’s mind on him.

However, it didn’t stop there – more revelations have been revealed throughout the week. In 2011 he claimed that public sector workers should put or shut up about their pay. He wrote that other people would be happy to work for the wage they do.

This is at a time when nurses and teachers in particular are under pressure. It’s likely to leave a sour taste in the mouth of his constituents.

Surely you think he can’t have more opinions…? WRONG! He said in a now deleted tweet, that police in the 2011 riots in London should have used brute force. He said heΒ would be in front of the TV watching ‘splat-a-chav’.

It seems like Mr. Bradley has had quite a week. Bradley was approached for comment by BuzzFeed, but he just seemed a bit exasperated by it all…

Now it’s no doubt that members of the public will hold similar views. What makes this situation surprising is that he is seen as quite a liberal Conservative. Fly FM’s Stephen West met with him last month to chat about his route into Parliament and he seemed like he really understood what the Tories needed to do to win young people back


This is in a week where the Conservatives have given themselves an image problem.

  • The collapse of Carillion – a private building firm which held government contracts
  • Ben Bradley’s controversial past
  • Boris Johnson’s comments about a 21 mile bridge to Calais from Dover

The Tories are trying to position themselves as a party for everyone and take the middle ground from Labour, but that looks as it’s becoming increasingly difficult.

To make it clear, Ben Bradley has apologised for the comments and says that his time in politics has matured him – but that’s up for the voters to decide.

Update: Bradley has apologised for the comments he wrote on the blog, in a Facebook video.

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