Nottingham student radio station gears up for ‘cycling’ over 400 miles for charity

Dozens of presenters will ride over 400 miles for charity this March, as student radio station Fly FM gets ready for its charity fundraiser.

Over 40 presenters and alumni of the station will each cycle on static bikes in the studio for at least half an hour each, during a 24-hour broadcast.

It’s hoped that the total distance ‘cycled’ will reach 411 miles – the length between the Emirates Stadium (Arsenal’s ground) and Signal Iduna Park, Westfalenstadion (Borussia Dortmund’s stadium).

‘Winging it for Josh’ is in honour of Nottingham Trent University alumnus Josh Wing, who was Head of Sport on Fly FM in 2016/17. After leaving university, he was unfortunately diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome.

GBS is a rare but serious condition in which the immune system attacks healthy nerve cells.

After two weeks in hospital, Josh was transferred to the Linden Lodge Neuro Rehabilitation Unit. There, with the help of experts, he underwent a rigorous process of physiotherapy to help rebuild his life.

The promotional graphic features the Bitmoji of Nottingham Trent University lecturer John Collins, who will help kick off the event

Volunteers are being asked to donate to Fly’s JustGiving page when they cycle, and it’s hoped that listeners will get their wallets out too.

Donations will go to the Linden Lodge Neuro Rehabilitation Unit through the Nottingham University Hospitals Charity. The unit helps people who have lost basic functions to make a full recovery.

It means that people who often have to rebuild their lives from the most simple of steps have support along the way.

Kerrie Coshan, who has led the organisation of the event, said: “this fundraiser is close to everyone in Fly’s heart.”

“We’re so excited to undertake this mammoth challenge but with teamwork and lots of support, we think we can complete this”, she said.

According to Google Maps, the journey should be a 33-hour bike ride. However, because Josh’s last name is Wing, volunteers are going to try and ‘Wing it’, in just 24.

“The support is phenomenal”
– Matt Lynch, Deputy Station Manager, Fly FM

Matt Lynch, Deputy Station Manager of the station, said: “Hearing Josh’s story has inspired us to help him give something back to the people who have really helped him.”

“Josh was a huge part of Fly FM whilst at university so to be able to do this for him really means a huge deal to everyone at the station and the support is phenomenal. It’s a long cycle ahead…”

The charity event takes place during a week of non-stop broadcasting for the station. Fly Through The Night, where presenters are on 24/7 for seven days, happens alongside Nottingham Trent Student Union’s RAG week.

Andrew Gentry, Station Manager of Fly FM, said “This is a really exciting event, and it’s really good to see everyone at the station come together for such a great cause.”

“Let’s hope we can raise loads of money and create some great radio while we do it!”.

The entire event will be broadcast live on Fly FM, as well as being streamed in video on the website.

Cycling will start at 6pm on Friday 2nd March and continue non-stop until 6pm on Saturday 3rd March. Each cyclist will do a 30 minute to an hour slot and then change over with another cyclist.

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