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The reason people were looking forward to 2014 was the new Fireworks album, Oh Common Life. Okay maybe it wasn’t, but I know Miles and me were looking forward to it. It’s finally here and it’s awesome so we played some and we’ll probably play more this week. I remember seeing them support Set Your [...]

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Sorry we’ve missed you

Sorry for the belated post, life got in the way for punk (we forgot to post an update) but we’re back in the game! Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been to a couple of shows and in that time there’s been some good releases. One of the highlights of March would have been [...]

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Catch Up With F1rstPlay

To make sure you don’t miss any shows, you can listen back to Fly’s best new music show here. Expect the latest releases, Kaney Quote of the Week, Gig reviews, Word Association, Live sessions and the best local music! F1rstplay: 13/03/2014 by Fly Fm F1rstplay on Mixcloud

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Recording Studio Show? Don’t Mind If I Do

Nottingham saw two of the best DIY shows ever put on in the space of one week last week, we mentioned Football etc in last weeks post but this week we’re talking about Coke Bust. They played in Nottingham’s very own Stuck on a Name Studio, just round the corner from JT Soar. Coke Bust [...]

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DIY til we die – Football etc – JT Soar

Welcome back to the Punk Show, this week we went for a bit of a mellow start and rounded it off with some big heavy stuff from the likes of hardcore heroes Converge and their new 7” record Live at the BBC (adding to the roster of artists doing the same like Blacklisted, Defeater and [...]

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The Simpson’s Influence Over the Show

Miles couldn’t make the show this week, he went to see The Physics House Band, whilst he was having a nice time doing that I was watching countless episodes of The Simpsons and one particular episode ‘The 90s Show’ influenced the start of this weeks Punk Show. I learned that Homer basically invented grunge and [...]

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Punk you can fall asleep to

This weeks show I was left to my own devices and ended up playing loads of stuff I wouldn’t necessarily get to play as it’s not typically ‘punk’, so we had a lot of shoegaze type stuff from the likes of Whirr, Nothing and a mix of the two in the form of new band [...]

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‘The Unconvincing Truth’ FlyFM’s very own panelist game show!

Hey everyone So I’ve got a new game on my show, ‘The Unconvincing Truth’, (a face off between my guests to see who can lie through their teeth the best, basically!) Last Saturday I was joined by my resident regular Tom Joyce along with friends Roger Brown and Megan Wallace. So have a listen, who [...]

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JohnXMcClane in the Studio (No not Bruce Willis)

Last night we had special guests JohnXMcClane in the studio. They’re a powerviolence band from the South East, friends of ours and all round good guys. They were heading off on a weekender up North, playing Glasgow, Dundee and Newcastle and called in to pay us a little visit. The guys answered some questions about [...]

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Punk isn’t just the Sex Pistols

Hello, DISCLAIMER: This isn’t a stale punk show playing the sex pistols and reminiscing about the golden days of ’77, we weren’t there and punk never died. It’s thriving and there’s so much good music out there that we want to bring to you. Miles and myself (Sam) play the best (according to us) songs [...]

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