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‘The Unconvincing Truth’ FlyFM’s very own panelist game show!

Hey everyone So I’ve got a new game on my show, ‘The Unconvincing Truth’, (a face off between my guests to see who can lie through their teeth the best, basically!) Last Saturday I was joined by my resident regular Tom Joyce along with friends Roger Brown and Megan Wallace. So have a listen, who [...]

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Latest – Video: Josh Battram performs live in the studio!

Hi guys, Just thought I would share with you the video from today’s live acoustic session with Josh Battram on your Midweek Pick Up 3-4pm every wednesday! It was an incredible show and there was a major buzz in the studio. If you missed out then don’t fear here is Josh’s performances for you to [...]

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What’s the Met Office doing about the rubbish weather?

Hello! I hope everyone is well…? Yes? Good. So I’ve been pretty annoyed the rubbish weather that we’ve been having recently – it’s so depressing! This week, it just got too much and I wanted to know what the Met Office was doing about it.

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The Fly FM Panto: The Auditions

Click to listen to the aduitions for Fly’s first ever panto – A Christmas Carole!

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It’s been a while…

A strangely placed Easter Holiday, a Royal Wedding, and more bank holidays than times you can use ‘a barbecue’ as an excuse to get drunk, Reverb Monday is finally back on air!  Kyle from the Alt Project stepped in for Linney for an hour and a half of music, banter and all you need to know about Uni life! [...]

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MuffMuffMuffMuff. Muff.

It’s the last week of term, so here at Fly FM we thought we’d have a party! However, having discovered a cardboard tube, a drumstick and a few old microphone covers this ‘party’ quickly turned into an excuse to hold our own version of Varsity, and the opportunity for the silly boys at Fly to [...]

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Its big and soft, and you lose things in it that you’ll never get back…

As usual we had the Fly FM Chart to kickstart our show. Did you miss it? Well never fear because you can listen to the chart in our podcast, so keep your eyes peeled for the link for you to download it on our Facebook page and of course on here! We also had a [...]

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Well Hello There! I can almost hear you laughing at the title of this blog. Well it’s not what you think it is you dirty-minded people, its our new feature! Every week we are going to ring up live on air a different Tesco store (we plan to ring as much of the country’s Tesco’s [...]

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Top 3 Selected – This Weeks Show/Playlist

Whats going on guys this is our 4th blog entry from the Top 3 Selected show and it is being brought to you by Jonah! now on the show last tuesday 9-11 we kicked it off with half an hour of funky from matt (playlist to come) and then we got into the hip-hop and [...]

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